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80/20 Plastic Panels

We have 11 types of panel material in stock for quick delivery. Our panels come in a variety of colors. If you need something we don't stock, let us know. We can likely get it for you quickly. We carry most panels in a standard sheet size of 48" x 96" and are able to custom machine panels to fit your specific application with our CNC Router. Experience the ease of utilizing 80/20 as your One-Stop-Shop for your next project.

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80/20 Panel Machining Services
80/20 provides a full line of machining services for all of our plastic and wire panels. From cut to length to special machining for panel accessories, 80/20 is your one stop panel shop.

Most machining services require a drawing of the panel with desired machining so that we can process your order to your specifications. We pride ourselves on our tight tolerances and quality, so you can be assured your 80/20 panel will be ready to assemble upon delivery.
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