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Machine Guarding Problems:
  • “Machine Guarding: (1910.212) ranks in the top 5 OSHA violations."

  • Over 6000 Federal citations per year are issued.

  • Any mechanical motion, machine part, function or process which may cause injury or threaten a worker’s safety must be safeguarded.

  • Custom steel guards require welding, heavy labor, long assembly time, and cannot be reconfigured to new specifications.
80/20 Machine Guarding Solutions:
  • The Industrial Erector Set® adds modularity to your frame and it's T-slotted extrusions are comparable in strength to A36 carbon steel.

  • Modular design allows you to reconfigure your
    frame as your guarding needs change.

  • A full selection of panels and wire mesh adds extra protection by keeping workers clear of dangerous areas and blocking flying debris.

  • Hinges and linear bearings allow for doors which give access to the machine but can also lock for security.
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