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The Industrial Erector Set®'s T-slotted design gives you the flexibility needed to mount anything to your custom fixture. 80/20 not only lets you guard your machine, but also allows you to make your guard a functional part of your machine.

This unique design feature lets you add custom components to your frame that would normally need to be mounted to other fixtures. You can add manifolds to pressurize your frame without extra hardware all while keeping your employees safely away from danger.

Benefits of 80/20's Modularity:
  • Reconfigure your frame to fit your changing needs by using simple hand tools for re-assembly.

  • Mount custom safety equipment quickly and easily to any T-slotted extrusion.

  • Choose from 11 types of plastic and wire mesh panels which can be mounted securely to any part of your guard.

  • Design custom parts to build your guard to your exact specifications.

  • Add casters to your guard to add mobility when needed for your machine.
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