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Machine Guarding with The Industrial Erector Set®
80/20 specializes in machine guards and enclosures. All of our T-slotted aluminum profiles are comparable in strength to A36 carbon steel, yet are one third the weight.

The 2 degree standard drop-lock feature on all of our extrusions locks them into place when tightened creating a vibration-proof connection.

Heavy and light duty floor locks, casters, leveling feet, and base plates are available for any size guard or fixture. Hinges and linear bearings allow for access doors which can also be locked for added security.
  • Heavy and light T-slotted extrusions available

  • T-slots allow you to quickly reconfigure your frame to fit
    different equipment sizes.

  • Impact resistant panels and wire mesh are in stock and ready to ship today.

  • Our drop-lock feature ensures a vibration-proof fixture.

  • Easy to re-design and a cost-effective alternative to messy and dirty welded steel framing.
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