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Benefits of 80/20 flexible displays and exhibits:
  • Keeps onlookers safely away from dangerous objects or machines.

  • Quarter round,closed side, and 45° angled profiles give any display a high-tech, aesthetic look.

  • Clear polycarbonate panels present a clear view while providing impact resistance.

  • Use the center cavity of 80/20 profiles to locate wiring for lights and turntable display motors.

  • Accessories allow you to add shelving to your display.

Lightweight modular exhibits made using The Industrial Erector Set® by 80/20 are easy to ship and assemble on-site. With a wide selection of fasteners and panels, your exhibit enclosure will combine strength and speed of assembly.

With The Industrial Erector Set® you can design displays that can showcase heavy items in an attractive setting. All this while maintaining a higher level of safety for visitors and employees.
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